About Ernst Poulsen


I’m a freelance tech-journalist, editor and photographer with 20 years of experience in all corners of the news industry. And I still love my job.

I have worked – and continue to work for a variety of large news organizations, the public sector and trade unions. I’m an experienced journalist, sub-editor and commissioning news editor.

Finally I’m co-founder of “Twitterfolk” – three sites which provides users with a constant overview of the most important tweets of 7.500 Danish journalists, media sites, politicians and CEO’s in Denmark: Twitterjournalister.dk, Twitterpolitikere.dk and Twitterchefer.dk.

What can you hire me for?


  • Ghost writing
    I’ll write editorial, leading articles and blog postings for your chairman or CEO when they are busy running the organization.

    Case: Blog posting on Computerworld.dk
    SAMDATA-formand: Drengerøvskulturen skader IT-branchen

  • Strategic advice / Social media / press relations
    Over the years I have arranged innovation conferences and public panel discussions for the media industry. I have taught leaders and journalists on how to use Twitter and other social platforms for both research and added impact in the media. And off course I advice and help companies with press relations.

    CASE: I was initiator and co-organizer of the first Danish innovation camp for the news industry: Startup Weekend Copenhagen Media. (Article in Danish about the conference)

    CASE: I run the Twitter-account of the tech-union SAMDATA
    By the way: You may follow me on Twitter: @ernstpoulsen

  • “Ernst, What else could you do for us?”
    My customers often contact me with a very specific project or task in mind: “Can you write an article about X, Y and Z?”. Often I do just that: I get the job done and write the article.

    But I’ve worked with innovation, strategy, new media, social media and the entire news industry for more than 20 years. You’ll get a lot more value, if you simply ask: “Ernst, What else could you do for us”.

Wait – a journalist with a camera?
I’ve always loved photographing, so when I became a freelancer, it finally made sense to combine the two sides of the journalism-trade.

The most common assignment I get is taking portraits of the people I interview, but I also photograph at full day events and conferences.

You’ll find a selection of photos at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ernstpoulsen 


More background

Commissioning news editor Danish Broadcasting Corporation
In my former job I was responsible for News strategy and economy at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation:

  • DR News & Sports on web, mobile and in trains, etc.
  • The DR Update webchannel
  • DR News and sports on teletext.
  • DR Regional news on web, mobile, teletext, etc.

Other jobs

  • Magazine and webeditor: Copenhagen County
  • Web-subeditor: Internetavisen Jyllands-Posten (newspaper)
  • Reporter, Computer desk, Politiken (newspaper)
  • Guest teacher at the University of Southern Denmark, Danish School of Journalism.
  • Co-founder / Honoray chairman: DONA – Danish Online News Association
  • Poynter Group-blog: Poynter Emedia Tidbits


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